amplivox beep e3

3 Key Features of Amplivox Beep

by Adam Dawson Software keeps getting smarter. Simple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can do amazing things today. They can instantly play any song you could ever imagine, stream thousands of movies and tv shows, and even control household appliances.  Innovation isn’t restricted to consumer-facing products, however. Companies like Grason-Stadler, MedRx, and now Amplivox…

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signia aspire 3 program

Signia to Introduce Aspire 3.0 Loyalty Program to Hearing Care Professionals

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY – Signia today announced it will preview Signia Aspire 3.0, the most significant update to its industry-leading loyalty benefits program, designed to help hearing care professionals (HCPs) meet their business goals regardless of practice size. Signia will present Aspire 3.0 to the HCP community at a special online event being held Oct.…

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Benefits of OtoAccess Worklist HL7

by Adam Dawson Today, it is imperative for healthcare facilities to have a comprehensive, intuitive, and secure software system for managing patient care records. Requirements, such as the recent 21st Century Cures Act mandating open notes, have made it imperative for medical practices to have a solution that makes it easier for them to share data with patients, free of charge.  While there are…

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How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Hearing Practice

We don’t have to tell you how critical customer reviews on the internet are. People post about their experiences on various websites, including the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Google. What they say has an impact. According to a recent survey, favorable online reviews influenced 90 percent of respondents’ buying decisions, while negative reviews influenced 86…

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NAP Consistency and Your Clinic

Location matters tremendously for your hearing practice, online or offline, especially for local SEO. Google emphasizes the importance of displaying search results for location-based searches by using the location information on each company website and information obtained from other websites to serve such search results. This is where NAP comes in handy.   What exactly…

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