The Era of Low Hanging Fruit Is Over: Finding Long-term Practice Success in Spades Requires a Willingness to Adapt New Ideas

by Brian Taylor, AuD Not long ago it was possible for a hearing care practice to thrive with a nominal investment in marketing. Through the first 20 years of the digital era, roughly 1995 to 2015, a practice could run a catchy promotional advertisement in the local newspaper or offer a “digital hearing aid” consumer…

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starting new audiology practice

Beginning an Audiology Private Practice: Part I – Reality

by Robert M. Traynor, Ed.D. There comes a time when audiologists become disenchanted with working for others and decide to consider starting their own private practice. When this time comes audiologists need to ask the hard questions that go along with the clinical and financial responsibility. Be it a corporation, a limited liability corporation, or…

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