recharge hearing aid battery

Market Trends: The Charge of Recharge

By Leendert van der Ent, Audiology Infos The Netherlands   Rechargeable batteries for hearing aids have been around for some time. Until recently they were a footnote in hearing aid history. That is now about to change. Now the milestone of a full day of service-without-recharge can be guaranteed, the market seems on the brink…

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Small changes to go “Green”

I started to think on Earth Day about what we do for sustainability in our offices. Part of this comes from reading a friend’s book, “Your Mother Called (Mother Earth)…You’d better call her back!” Gina Murphy-Darling is known as “Mrs. Green” here in Tucson and around the country. She has an Internet-based radio show every…

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After 70 years, turning hearing aids off at night is still a hassle

With all the modern inventions that surround us and with all the new ideas that come onto the market everyday, wouldn’t you think that the “Hearing Aid Industry” would have invented some simple way to turn hearing aids on and off at night? Well, no such luck. We still use the 70-year-old idea of opening…

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