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The Future of Practice Success… through Personal Concern and Exceptional Service!

By Oliver F. von Borstel, MBD Many independent practices or private small chains which sell hearing aids are struggling to stay afloat, pay wages and bills, and survive the current business year. I have many such clients who can no longer see the future. Most of those businesses often focus on selling hearing aids accessories…

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europe hearing aid sales

Hearing aid market study of Western Europe 2015 vs 2014

Tony Grant-Salmon from the British hearing aid manufacturer’s association has compiled all the available sales figures from Europe for 2015 in this report. 2015 witnessed a 4% increase in sales over the previous year; strong results in The Netherlands, the UK private sector, Italy, France and Switzerland provided the biggest contributions to the increase.  …

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The Boomers are Coming! Part 2 – Ideas to Think About

 by Steve Eagon, MA   In part 1 of this two-part series, I mentioned how we’ve all heard about the Baby-Boomers flooding our offices, and the unique challenges they bring.  In this article, I’m going to make suggestions based upon what I’ve seen from various hearing care professionals around North America who are addressing these…

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The Boomers are Coming! Yeah, So What. (Part 1)

By Steve Eagon, MA Given the work I do, I frequently interact with and train hearing professionals on a variety of practice management issues. A hot topic among many these days is the changing consumer dynamic over the past 5-10 years. When I ask professionals what they notice about today’s mature consumer, it usually centers around a…

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