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TeleHearing Care Increases Patient Retention

By Suzanne Younker, Au.D. Loyal patients are recognized as a significant contributor to a successful hearing care practice and practice owners must pay attention to how they can continue to satisfy this valuable base. Business analytics and medical practice experts all agree with the Harvard School of Business that “A 2% increase in customer retention…

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The Service Component: Should We Really Embrace Industry Disruption? Part 2

Dr. Abrams continues his discussion on the disruptive forces facing the audiology and hearing aid industry   In Part 1, I introduced the concept of the service component of industry disruption; that is, we need to think beyond the price and delivery model of the product if we hope to address the issues raised by…

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Business of Hearing Healthcare: Driving Change in Your Practice Offering

Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Geoff Cooling is Part 2 on how to establish yourself as an authority.    In the last article I spoke about the possible impact on our profession of advancements in hearable technology and the widespread acceptance of those devices in mainstream culture. I was perhaps a bit dour in my…

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Removing Barriers to Hearing Care in Australia

  Editor’s Note:  Often, hearing professionals’ views of hearing rehabilitation is influenced by their exposure to those issues within a given locale, district, region, or those presented by a hearing professional organization.  As such, the belief is that what is taking place, is unique to them.  But, is it?  Are barriers to hearing care the…

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