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Business of Hearing Healthcare: Driving Change in Your Practice Offering

Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Geoff Cooling is Part 2 on how to establish yourself as an authority.    In the last article I spoke about the possible impact on our profession of advancements in hearable technology and the widespread acceptance of those devices in mainstream culture. I was perhaps a bit dour in my…

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What Do You Do With Your Drug List?

As clinicians, whether we are dispensers or audiologists, most of the people we come into contact with ask us about the effects of medication on hearing and balance.  We also query patients on their medications as part of the the history taking portion of diagnostic evaluations. But how many of us look up each medication?…

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Musical Ear Syndrome – Auditory Memory versus Auditory Hallucinations

Most practitioners have had a client with various types of simple tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, chirping, etc.). Many others hear more complex sounds (music or voices), but do not report it  in their case history because they fear being diagnosed as “crazy”. The latter is known as Musical Ear Syndrome (MES), and includes hearing voices singing,…

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