Best of 2016: An open letter to hard of hearing musicians… again…


This was the most well-read blog in Hear the Music in 2016.  Not everyone agreed with everything that I had to say, but I guess that is what makes for a great blog!  Read the excerpt and please click the link to above to read it in full while I take some time over the holiday season to spend with friends and family.  I wish you all a safe and pleasant time off.


Best regards, Marshall


An Open Letter to Hard of Hearing Musicians

This letter is based on my 35 years of working with hard of hearing musicians at the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada.  Over the past few years an assortment of new technologies for hearing aids have become available that will allow hard of hearing audiophiles and musicians to reprogram their hearing aids once they leave the audiologist’s office. While on the surface this appears to be a good idea- one can fine tune the hearing aids in real life situations with real life musical instruments- there can be some drawbacks.
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About Marshall Chasin

Marshall Chasin, AuD, is a clinical and research audiologist who has a special interest in the prevention of hearing loss for musicians, as well as the treatment of those who have hearing loss. I have other special interests such as clarinet and karate, but those may come out in the blog over time.