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“This is the best of blogs; this is the worst of blogs’. To paraphrase Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities, it is the two-headed nature of music and hearing aids that a hearing aid can be great for speech yet useless for music, and, conversely, great for music yet less than optimal for speech. What are some tricks that can be used to improve a hearing aid for music? How can we prevent hearing loss from loud music? This blog asks these questions, and with your input, even more. Comment Policy

Marshall Chasin, Hear The MusicOnce upon a time, long, long ago, a young Marshall Chasin entered an undergraduate program in theoretical mathematics.  Four years later he was drawn to graduate studies in theoretical linguistics.  Finally he got down to business and enrolled in an audiology program and has been active in clinical and research audiology since 1981.

What do mathematics, linguistics, and audiology, have in common… well, a fair amount of nerdiness….but also, music.  Marshall has been the Director of Research at the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada since the mid 1980s and has presented nationally and internationally on hearing loss prevention in musicians, and fitting hearing aids on musicians.

Marshall has written extensively, and has written or edited six books- three of which are on musicians and the prevention of hearing loss. He has received a whole bunch of awards over the years, including one from the Audiology Foundation of America, another from the Canadian Academy of Audiology, and yet another from Queen Elizabeth II in honor of her Silver Diamond Jubilee for volunteer activities for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. Marshall also writes a monthly column for Hearing Review called Back to Basics and is the editor in chief of CanadianAudiology.ca.

After more than 30 years in the field, Marshall knows a bit about audiology, a bit about music, and how the two disciplines are interrelated.


Published Articles

Chasin, M., and Kanter, B. (2015).  Loudness, Intensity, and Music, Spectrum (official organ of the National Hearing Conservation Association).  (in press).

Chasin, M. (2015). Audiology Training in Canada, ENT & Audiology news (formerly ENT News), United Kingdom (in press).

Books by Marshall Chasin

Hearing Loss & Noise.
Hearing Loss in Musicians
Noise Control: A Primer; Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss
CIC Handbook
Hear the Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians.

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