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Doing TeleHealth? ProJECT!!

I recently had a remote appointment with one of my specialist MDs.  Since I am involved in training for our Remote Care initiative, I paid close attention.  I really like this doctor.  He has always impressed me in-person with his compassion, personableness, expertise and care.  Online, not so much.  His hair was a little mussed,…

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Needs Assessment: The Most Important Component of the Hearing Aid Evaluation

Some blanket statements: Nobody ever obtained hearing aids because of the hearing test. The most important component of the hearing aid evaluation is the needs assessment.  Absolutes can be tricky. There is always an exception to an absolute. (There’s another absolute right there.)  Hyperbole!!  “A rhetorical formulation of exaggerated statements or claims not meant to…

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What I Listen for In an Interview

In my job I have the opportunity to conduct many interviews with prospective hearing care providers. These interviews typically cover clinical and sales/counseling topics. Most of the time it is a pleasant experience during which we have a conversation that is stimulating, perhaps I learn something, and there is give and take.  As a trainer…

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Our Legacy

I hope that everyone who reads this feels as I do, that what they do is important.  But if you are on the fence, just read the press release below (and if you want to really dig into it, read the full article).   To my mind, our sense of hearing is the most important because…

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audiology needs assessment

Why Needs-Assessment? To Change Minds!

The audiogram is critical to being able to diagnose hearing loss and to properly fit hearing instruments.  But if you agree with me that the most important goal of the hearing evaluation is building a solid case that obtaining hearing instruments is among the best things your patient can do to help themselves and their…

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