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The Verbose Patient

In my work, one question that comes up on a regular basis is, “How do I deal with the patient who hijacks the appointment by dominating conversation?”  If you have been around for a while, you know what they mean. This is the patient who talks to the point that little or nothing can be…

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audiology terminally ill patient

The Terminally Ill Patient

One of the sadder aspects of laboring in a profession in which long-term therapeutic and personal relationships are often formed is that we all-too-often experience the passing of patients who have become our friends as well.  On other occasions, patients may come to us for the first time, having recently received a poor prognosis.  We…

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audiology mindful counseling

Mindful Counseling

At the end of any interview with a potential new provider, I ask whether they have any questions for me.  Many have none, some ask about hours and other working conditions, some ask about clinical protocols.  The other day I got a question I had never received before. It made me think.  “What do you…

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listening deeply to patients

Listen Deeply to Your Patient. How Do I Do That?

One of the most useful ideas surrounding the concept of the  “Continuum of Denial”  is how it requires the provider to listen deeply.  In a two-day seminar I took on Motivational Interviewing several years ago, the facilitator was ever exhorting participants to “listen deeply”.  My question was, “OK, that sounds great.  So how do I…

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Facilitate a New Conversation

Many hearing professionals are uncomfortable about taking their counseling into the realm of anything approaching “therapy” or interpersonal counseling.  They feel ill-equipped to delve into these more intimate areas.  While I agree that “psychological” counseling is certainly beyond our scope of practice, “communication” counseling is clearly not.  In fact, when it comes to this kind…

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