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A Modest Proposal: The Case for Speech-in-Noise Testing

The audiometric test battery is getting a little long in the tooth and could use some rejuvenation.  For about the last 50 years the time-honored suite of tests has been in place virtually unchanged.  Why should it change?  After all, hearing is hearing.  The auditory mechanism hasn’t changed.  And hearing aid technology, well, we are…

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Research to Practice: Futureproofing UK Hearing Aid Provision & The Need for Strong Clinical Evidence to Guide the Decision-making Process

by Melanie Ferguson, PhD In a teleconference of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Strategic Documents committee last week, someone made a comment that if audiologists are charging insurance companies for a service, this needs to be supported by evidence and guidelines. Good point. In the UK about three years ago we had exactly the…

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