listening deeply to patients

Listen Deeply to Your Patient. How Do I Do That?

One of the most useful ideas surrounding the concept of the  “Continuum of Denial”  is how it requires the provider to listen deeply.  In a two-day seminar I took on Motivational Interviewing several years ago, the facilitator was ever exhorting participants to “listen deeply”.  My question was, “OK, that sounds great.  So how do I…

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Newly Published Studies Could be a Watershed Moment Toward Third Party Funding of Hearing Devices

by Brian Taylor, AuD, and Kelly Tremblay, PhD Two studies, published by JAMA Otolaryngology on November 8th are compulsory reads for hearing care professionals concerned about accessibility and affordability of hearing-related services. Both studies, which relied on insurance claims data from the OptumLabs Data Warehouse, a division of the for-profit UnitedHealth Group, add to the…

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Helping People Recapture Conversations: Lessons from Berth Danermark

by Brian Taylor “Signal & Noise” is a bimonthly column by Brian Taylor, AuD.   About a year ago, I had the privilege of co-authoring a book with Vinaya Manchaiah of Lamar University. We never expected the book, titled The Role of Communication Partners in the Audiological Rehabilitation, to be a big seller (I can…

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