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Ask the Next Question – A Fable

Once upon a time, a man had a home repair job to do and went to his local hardware store.  He said to the salesman at the hardware store, “I have a job to do at home and I need a tool for the job.”  The salesman said, “I have just the thing for you!” …

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A Modest Proposal: The Case for Speech-in-Noise Testing

The audiometric test battery is getting a little long in the tooth and could use some rejuvenation.  For about the last 50 years the time-honored suite of tests has been in place virtually unchanged.  Why should it change?  After all, hearing is hearing.  The auditory mechanism hasn’t changed.  And hearing aid technology, well, we are…

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physician advice hearing loss treatment

… Where Often is Heard a Discouraging Word: MDs and Treatment for Hearing Loss

In a recent talk to a group of hearing care providers, I took an informal poll, asking what were some of the most discouraging things their patients had reported being told by their physician regarding their hearing.  I knew what the results would be, having heard very disappointing things from scores of patients myself, over…

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patronizing your patients

Do I Infantilize My Patients?

infantilize /inˈfantilīz/ – verb – to treat (someone) as a child or in a way that denies their maturity in age or experience. Infantalize is not a pleasant word.  It conjures condescension and patronization, neither of which does any clinical caregiver wish to be guilty. There can be a fine line between condescension and explaining…

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audiology terminally ill patient

The Terminally Ill Patient

One of the sadder aspects of laboring in a profession in which long-term therapeutic and personal relationships are often formed is that we all-too-often experience the passing of patients who have become our friends as well.  On other occasions, patients may come to us for the first time, having recently received a poor prognosis.  We…

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audiology mindful counseling

Mindful Counseling

At the end of any interview with a potential new provider, I ask whether they have any questions for me.  Many have none, some ask about hours and other working conditions, some ask about clinical protocols.  The other day I got a question I had never received before. It made me think.  “What do you…

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