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Hearing Care in Hospitable Times: How Teleaudiology is Here to Help

by Sophie Brice, PhD Crazy Covid Times. That’s what I’ve come to call this weird, challenging new era we find ourselves in. My career pathway gives me a unique understanding of the challenges of overcoming the COVID virus itself and the lifestyle implications for our communities. I’ve always been led by an interest in health…

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Clinical Governance and Teleaudiology

by Sophie Brice, PhD The field of audiology has experienced significant changes in recent years with the preparation for Over-The-Counter legislation in the USA for provision of hearing aids without a clinic or Audiologist. Closer to home we are experiencing government investigations into Audiology practices in Australia and a growth of Teleaudiology compatible products now…

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New Pathways to Care: How Self-Directed Care Could Change Audiology….For the Better Part 2

Two broad categories of patients – help seekers with hearing devices and help seekers without hearing devices – will benefit from new forms of counseling and customization in a market landscape where persons with hearing loss can self-direct their care. Part 1 examined self-fitting hearing aids and the role audiologists could play in their selection…

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New Pathways to Care: How Patient-Driven Hearing Aids Could Change Audiology….For the Better, Part 1

New forms of counseling and customization – services that complement existing best practice clinical protocols — are needed for audiology to remain a sustainable profession in the era of patient-driven hearing aid fittings Last Friday, October  5, in what was perceived by many to be a surprise move, the FDA approved a Bose self-fitting hearing…

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The Emerging Effectiveness of Self-Fitting Hearing Aids, Part 2

Self-Fitting Hearing Aids: Are They Effective?   Fortunately, audiologists at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) have been on the forefront of  self-fitting hearing aid (SFHA) research. Since 2001, they have published a series of important papers examining the efficacy of SFHAs, many of which have been published at the open access journal, Trends in Hearing.…

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The Emerging Effectiveness of Self-Fitting Hearing Aids: Is the IKEA-ization of Hearing Aids Good for Patients and Clinicians?

Although the FDA has yet to officially codify the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act, signed into law in August 2017, one subcategory of amplification device, self-fitting hearing aids (SFHA), has been sold online by a couple of companies for some time. According to published reports, for an amplification device to be classified as a self-fitting…

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