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Doing TeleHealth? ProJECT!!

I recently had a remote appointment with one of my specialist MDs.  Since I am involved in training for our Remote Care initiative, I paid close attention.  I really like this doctor.  He has always impressed me in-person with his compassion, personableness, expertise and care.  Online, not so much.  His hair was a little mussed,…

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To Boost Outcomes for Hearing Aid Wearers, the Profession Should Commit to Telehealth Services

By Brian Taylor, AuD, Editor-at-Large It should concern every hearing care professional (HCP) that anywhere from 5 percent to one-quarter of patients never use their hearing aids. Or that by some accounts, an astounding 98 percent of hearing aid owners say they had at least one problem with their hearing aids in the first year.…

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Are Face-to-Face Visits Truly Superior to Virtual Video Visits?

by Harvey B. Abrams, Ph.D. In her thoughtful and thorough review of the Lively Hearing delivery model, Nancy M. Williams, HHTM columnist and President of Auditory Insight, identifies a number of Lively’s strengths which include a “patient engagement best practice” of presenting test results in a meaningful way; requiring prospective clients to complete the Consumer…

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Hearing Care in Hospitable Times: How Teleaudiology is Here to Help

by Sophie Brice, PhD Crazy Covid Times. That’s what I’ve come to call this weird, challenging new era we find ourselves in. My career pathway gives me a unique understanding of the challenges of overcoming the COVID virus itself and the lifestyle implications for our communities. I’ve always been led by an interest in health…

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Clinical Governance and Teleaudiology

by Sophie Brice, PhD The field of audiology has experienced significant changes in recent years with the preparation for Over-The-Counter legislation in the USA for provision of hearing aids without a clinic or Audiologist. Closer to home we are experiencing government investigations into Audiology practices in Australia and a growth of Teleaudiology compatible products now…

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