What’s in a Name: Addendum

I appreciate and welcome the response to my piece regarding the use of patient vs. customer.  I particularly enjoyed reading the response by Gael Hannan (and not only because she had nice things to say about my writing).  I must admit that I wrote that piece in, let’s say, an enhanced state of mind.  I…

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patient or customer

What’s In a Name?

I recently had a discussion with another hearing care professional regarding a topic about which, heretofore, I had no conscious idea that I had an opinion, much less passion. For my entire career as a hearing professional I have referred to the people who came to me for care as “patients”. This was my training…

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New Pathways to Care: How Self-Directed Care Could Change Audiology….For the Better Part 2

Two broad categories of patients – help seekers with hearing devices and help seekers without hearing devices – will benefit from new forms of counseling and customization in a market landscape where persons with hearing loss can self-direct their care. Part 1 examined self-fitting hearing aids and the role audiologists could play in their selection…

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