The Importance of a Multi-pronged Customer Acquisition Strategy

Editor’s Note: It’s easy to see that behemoths like Amazon, which combines online shopping, low prices and speedy delivery are utterly transforming the customer experience. Along with Amazon, however, many smaller companies such as Dollar Shave Club and Stitch Fix are getting in on the action by offering a convenient, hassle-free product at a reasonable…

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listening deeply to patients

Listen Deeply to Your Patient. How Do I Do That?

One of the most useful ideas surrounding the concept of the  “Continuum of Denial”  is how it requires the provider to listen deeply.  In a two-day seminar I took on Motivational Interviewing several years ago, the facilitator was ever exhorting participants to “listen deeply”.  My question was, “OK, that sounds great.  So how do I…

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clear auditory training game

Gamified Auditory Training and Audiology Service Packages: An Interview with Nancy Tye-Murray, PhD, creator of clEAR

Since the early days of clinical audiology, when Raymond Carhart pioneered a comprehensive listening skills program for WWII veterans fitted with hearing aids, the importance of auditory training has received a lot of lip service from hearing healthcare providers. Although many clinicians believe in its intrinsic value, and a handful of studies support its effectiveness,…

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