hearing aid fitting perception

A Case for More Perception in Fitting Hearing Aids

In the beginning was the audiogram. Such a sentence could easily open the unwritten history of hearing aid fitting. And there would be a strong reason for beginning so. The strategy of deriving the prescription from hearing thresholds was a sensible way of adjusting dynamic compression. It ensured audibility, and the mapping of loudness required…

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earswitch device als

Communication by Ear? New ‘Earswitch’ Technology Offers Hope to People with ALS, Other Neurological Conditions

Editor’s Note: A new ear-level device being developed by a UK primary care physician, along with a team of researchers at Bath University, is providing hope for people with neurological conditions that are unable speak or operate a keyboard, with new ways of communicating via a computer. HHTM President and CEO, Kevin Liebe, recently connected…

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audiology interview

What I Listen for In an Interview

In my job I have the opportunity to conduct many interviews with prospective hearing care providers. These interviews typically cover clinical and sales/counseling topics. Most of the time it is a pleasant experience during which we have a conversation that is stimulating, perhaps I learn something, and there is give and take.  As a trainer…

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future hearing device technology

The Future of Hearing Device Innovation: Expert Panel Discussion

During the inaugural Future of Hearing Healthcare conference held in March, we hosted two panel discussions with experts from around the industry to discuss a myriad of topics related to the future of device innovation and the future of industry economics. Each panel was moderated by Dave Kemp, Director of Business Development at Oaktree Products and…

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