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The audiogram is complex: This new tool helps audiologists explain it

by Lise Lotte Bundesen The future of hearing care won’t just be about technology. More than ever, people with hearing loss want to understand their condition and be involved in decisions about their care. But many find the audiogram – that fundamental audiological tool – difficult to understand, leaving them disempowered and disillusioned. A new…

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Bill Austin: Celebrating 60 Years of Caring

by Brandon Sawalich In life and business, we have a desire for coaches, counselors and mentors. Since 1992, I have been fortunate enough to have a front row seat to my mentor, Starkey Owner and Chairman Bill Austin. Having this steady mentor throughout my life and career has not only shaped who I am as…

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Reflecting on 60 Years in the Hearing Industry: Interview with Bill Austin, Founder and Owner of Starkey

This week, Starkey Founder Bill Austin celebrates his 60th anniversary in the hearing industry. After acquiring Starkey Labs in 1967, a small earmold company that specialized in industrial-grade hearing protection, he ultimately transformed the organization into one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers globally. Today, Starkey is the largest American-owned hearing aid company in the…

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Filling the Gap in Audiology Clinical Education: Interview with Robert Koch of AHead Simulations

Editor’s Note: Providing adequate clinical education in audiology has always been a challenge for most university programs, but this has become especially true over the past year in the midst of a global health pandemic. This week, HHTM President and CEO, Kevin Liebe, interviews Robert Koch, President and founder of AHead Simulations, on how his…

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