bill austin hearing aid industry 60 years

Reflecting on 60 Years in the Hearing Industry: Interview with Bill Austin, Founder and Owner of Starkey

This week, Starkey Founder Bill Austin celebrates his 60th anniversary in the hearing industry. After acquiring Starkey Labs in 1967, a small earmold company that specialized in industrial-grade hearing protection, he ultimately transformed the organization into one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers globally. Today, Starkey is the largest American-owned hearing aid company in the…

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ahead simulations audiology

Filling the Gap in Audiology Clinical Education: Interview with Robert Koch of AHead Simulations

Editor’s Note: Providing adequate clinical education in audiology has always been a challenge for most university programs, but this has become especially true over the past year in the midst of a global health pandemic. This week, HHTM President and CEO, Kevin Liebe, interviews Robert Koch, President and founder of AHead Simulations, on how his…

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fx-322 interview

Biotech and the Future of Hearing Healthcare: Interview with Carl LeBel, PhD, Chief Development Officer, Frequency Therapeutics

Dear Readers: During this holiday season, the editors at Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) are taking some time off. However, we are not leaving you without anything to read on our blog this week. Instead, we are publishing a special holiday edition filled with what we call our Readers’ Choices. Our Readers’ Choices featured…

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brandon sawalich interview

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Interview with Brandon Sawalich

Last December, we introduced readers to a new series at Hearing Health & Technology Matters: Hearing Healthcare 2020. The intent of the series was to “explore the forces behind the changes and disruptions impacting the hearing industry in more detail, to better understand how they will shape the future of hearing healthcare.” Little did we…

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Strengthening Hearing Through Sound? A Closer Look at the Technology Behind AudioCardio

Hearing Healthcare 2020 is a column where we explore the forces behind the changing landscape and disruptions impacting the hearing healthcare industry.  This week, HHTM President and CEO, Kevin Liebe interviews the team behind AudioCardio, a mobile app that is said to offer a “data and science backed sound therapy designed to maintain and strengthen your…

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audiology legacy quote

Our Legacy

I hope that everyone who reads this feels as I do, that what they do is important.  But if you are on the fence, just read the press release below (and if you want to really dig into it, read the full article).   To my mind, our sense of hearing is the most important because…

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