About Pathways

Pathways has two identities: it is a column that covers topics related to CAPD and Neuroaudiology, and it is a society for people interested in central auditory disorders that regularly meets to discuss these issues.

Pathways the Column

Since 2002 Pathways publication has been with Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HHTM). HHTM has provided us a forum with great flexibility to relay news, clinical information, and research findings to the readers of HHTM. The monthly articles for Pathways as part of HHTM we believe, have found a niche. We try to provide articles of topics that are of interest but have not been given their due in the audiology publication world. The articles are written in a reader friendly format and are designed for educational purposes. These communications provide discussions of basic and clinical research finding related to NeuroAudiology and CAPD. Also on occasion Pathways will highlight key articles of the past to remind us of our historical foundations.

Pathways Society

The Pathways Society has been developed to provide a forum at major meetings such as a AAA and ASHA, for individuals interested in discussing current issues related to (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders. All individuals with an interest in auditory processing disorders are welcomed to attend these meetings and become members. Clinicians, scientists and students are encouraged to attend and make their opinions, ideas and questions known. We hope to develop informal as well as formal meetings that will allow the advancement of (C)APD by sharing information about common concerns and advances in the field.



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