Heschl’s Gyrus tonotopic

Tonotopicity of Heschl’s Gyrus: Selected Comments for Audiology

Pathways Article: An Informative 5 minute Read….. – Frank Musiek   When audiologists conduct an audiogram, different discrete frequencies, usually 250 through 8000 Hz are generally selected. At each of these selected frequencies threshold of detection is determined. This threshold information is important as it can relate to various disorders as well as how well…

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A Commentary of An Interesting Case

Editor’s note: I am most pleased to have Jim Jerger make a contribution to our Pathways Column. Correctly considered the “father of diagnostic audiology”, Dr. Jerger has seen and reported on many fascinating diagnostic cases. He has always been a champion for the clinical audiologist, supporting the practitioner in many positive ways. Dr. Jerger’s excellent…

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