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Four Diseases That Contribute to Hearing Loss

Editor’s Note: While the HHTM editorial team takes the week off for the holidays, we hope you enjoy this post. Originally published on July 3, 2018, this post received more views than any other article at the Audiology Condition in 2018.   Approximately 15 percent of American adults over the age of 18 experience some…

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The Growing Influence of Third Party Administrators and Hearing Aid Referral Networks

Editor’s Note: Due to the significant growth of Third Party Administrators and Hearing Aid Referral Networks in recent years, there has been increasing interest in this topic among hearing professionals. Today Alyson McBride, from HearStore, offers her perspective on the subject and what makes her company different. The views below are her own.   by…

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The Patient is the North Star: The Importance of a Level Playing Field

Last week’s post described people with hearing loss who compensate by dominating conversation. Today’s post considers silence on the part of those with hearing loss who come to our practices for hearing help.   The opposite of talking isn’t listening. The opposite of talking is waiting.  –Fran Lebowitz Silence is argument carried out by other…

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Faster Diagnosis of Acoustic Tumor with Physician and Audiologist

Note from Judy Huch, AuD, Editor: I have the privilege to supervise 4th year Audiology Externs at our offices in Tucson. We are fortunate that most of what we see is routine, but we do have “teaching moments”.  Not all of these moments are as health-altering as this case, fortunately, when an Acoustic Neuroma was…

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Life, Longevity,Cognitive Decline, Hearing Loss… More Connected Than We Used to Think

HHTM Staff: For several years, we’ve been reporting on correlations linking hearing loss and Alzheimers, depression, cognitive decline, social isolation, general health, and Quality of Life (QoL) measures.  Correlation does not imply causality, but the data keep coming, forging stronger links between healthy hearing and healthy living.  November is also National Alzheimer’s Awareness month and…

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