Young and Old Voices: When You Can’t Hear the Voice Even With Hearing Aids

A day scarcely passes in an audiology practice without a patient fretting that someone they know and like is speaking so softly nowadays that they have difficulty hearing them even with hearing aids.  After checking the patient’s hearing aids, The Audiologist typically suggests commonsense strategies: Look at the person when they’re speaking. Ask them to…

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Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: a primer for patients and providers

Sudden hearing loss is one of the most disconcerting events in the lives of patients and audiology practices.  As its name suggests, there is no warning nor is there any way to predict who is as risk.  Typically, the audiologist meets the patient for the first time as the result of this sudden, potentially devastating…

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ramsay hunt syndrome

The Final Word of Shingles — Differential Diagnosis and Odds and Ends

Shingles in and around the ear and face is awful.  This post series has belabored the pain and agony problem enough.  The other big problem, the subject of this final post on the topic, is that it’s often very hard to diagnose and differentiate from other disease processes, especially in older patients.  Here’s where the…

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