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Listening Problems and Mental Health: Can Auditory Processing Problems Cause Depression?

What is Auditory processing disorder?   Auditory processing disorder (APD), sometimes referred to as CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), is an auditory perception disorder. APD is an umbrella term for a variety of different disorders that affect the brain’s function to process auditory information. Due to the impaired brain function, individuals impacted by processing disorders…

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Auditory Processing: How Does It Really Work? Part 2

A Multisystem Approach   Over time, many professionals have realized that both the bottom up and top down approaches are important at different times. These professionals may view auditory processing involving both factors but adding other factors that are felt to be even more important than the mere bottom up or top down processes discussed…

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Auditory Processing: How Does It Really Work?

In a recent posting at Hearing Health & Technology Matters, Kathi Mestayer presents a discussion of auditory processing related to understanding spoken language.  In her posting, she discussed what is called Bottom Up versus Top Down processing and how it might relate to how we process and, then, understand what we hear.  In reading her…

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