Earbuds vs. Over-Ear Headphones – Which Should You Use?

Diet and exercise aside, avoiding noise-induced trauma is arguably one of the best ways to reduce your chances of hearing loss. However, while everybody knows that explosive noise like construction equipment and jet engines can damage your ears, fewer people are aware of another, more common culprit. I’m speaking about music. These days, I expect…

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How important is it for a doctor to wear a face mask if a patient can’t understand what they are saying?

What’s more important for the patient who has hearing loss, preventing the spread of COVID-19 or being able to communicate effectively with their doctor? Is there another way to have both? Today, most guidelines call for six feet of social distancing, whenever possible. At medical centers and health clinics, the doctors and the patients are…

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Tinnitus – How you can help its sufferers

It is an awful and distressing thing to observe a loved one suffer from tinnitus.  It debilitates the sufferer and ultimately renders the observer powerless. Here we talk about the various ways in which we can support those we love to manage this ‘invisible’ condition.   The truth about tinnitus    The overwhelming truth is…

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