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The Genetics of Hearing Impairment

By Jeff Santuno Generally, the younger the person is with a hearing impairment, the more likely it was down to genetic factors, disease or physical abnormality. Genes can cause hearing loss in many different ways. Even if one’s hearing loss is down to old age though – genetic factors are still at play here. Certain…

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Consumers Need To Know What They Are Missing!

by Robert Bishton, BC-HIS Recently, New York State changed the CE requirements for dispensing Audiologists and Hearing Instruments Dispensers to include one hour of instruction on telecoil (t-coil) and other assistive listening devices. Five other states: Arizona; Florida; Rhode Island; Utah and Delaware have adopted similar laws. Our New York law also requires that a…

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The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Over the past few years, multiple studies have found a link between hearing loss and an increased risk for dementia. Whether it’s a causational or correlational relationship is still being researched, but the relationship is there. Across all studies, people with hearing loss showed greater signs of cognitive decline. There are three main reasons hearing…

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