ramsay hunt syndrome

The Final Word of Shingles — Differential Diagnosis and Odds and Ends

Shingles in and around the ear and face is awful.  This post series has belabored the pain and agony problem enough.  The other big problem, the subject of this final post on the topic, is that it’s often very hard to diagnose and differentiate from other disease processes, especially in older patients.  Here’s where the…

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vascular loops and hearing loss

Vascular Loops and Unilateral Hearing Loss

Last August, a post in this section described unusual findings in a patient with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss and retrocochlear findings who was referred for MRI to rule out acoustic neuroma. An acoustic neuroma is a benign, small, slow-growing tumor on the VIII cranial nerve–technically called a vestibular schwannoma.   The MRI found no evidence of…

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Second Hand Smoke Linked to Low Frequency Hearing Loss

Everybody knows by now that smoking is bad for you, and many also know that “second-hand” smoke may harm those around them.  The following study ups the ante by demonstrating that those who don’t smoke may have their hearing compromised by others smoking in their environments.  The study was done on teenagers, but that doesn’t…

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and hearing loss are health risks each of us face.  As we are all aware, those risks increase with every year we manage to stay alive.  Now, and perhaps not surprisingly, research is finding that some of those risks are related.  In particular, a large cohort study published this month makes…

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Faster Diagnosis of Acoustic Tumor with Physician and Audiologist

Note from Judy Huch, AuD, Editor: I have the privilege to supervise 4th year Audiology Externs at our offices in Tucson. We are fortunate that most of what we see is routine, but we do have “teaching moments”.  Not all of these moments are as health-altering as this case, fortunately, when an Acoustic Neuroma was…

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