The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Over the past few years, multiple studies have found a link between hearing loss and an increased risk for dementia. Whether it’s a causational or correlational relationship is still being researched, but the relationship is there. Across all studies, people with hearing loss showed greater signs of cognitive decline. There are three main reasons hearing…

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Four Diseases That Contribute to Hearing Loss

by Joe Fleming Approximately 15 percent of American adults over the age of 18 experience some level of hearing loss today and nearly three-quarters of those adults could benefit from using hearing aids. While it’s easy to blame issues like chronic noise exposure for the number of people experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to understand…

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Consumer Advice for Preventing Hearing Loss

by Alyson McBride As an invisible sense, hearing is not something we often don’t pay much attention to until something drastic happens. Only when we experience overly loud sounds do we cover our ears or reach for those little foam ear plugs. On a day to day basis, many of us stream music and podcasts…

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Hearing in Background Noise: Evaluation Performance with Speech In Noise Testing

Perhaps the largest area of difficulty for individuals with hearing loss is understanding speech in background noise.  However, your ability to understand speech with hearing aids in a noisy environment shouldn’t be a mystery. Audiologists have had a way to estimate your level of performance in these environments for years.   Evaluating Performance in Background…

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