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Hearing in Background Noise: Evaluation Performance with Speech In Noise Testing

Perhaps the largest area of difficulty for individuals with hearing loss is understanding speech in background noise.  However, your ability to understand speech with hearing aids in a noisy environment shouldn’t be a mystery. Audiologists have had a way to estimate your level of performance in these environments for years.   Evaluating Performance in Background…

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Hearing Aids for the Young at Heart

Over the years, The Audiology Condition has socked away items of interest for active Seniors who may find themselves consulting with Audiologists.   The following are light-hearted articles but each contains a hearing nugget worth thinking about for active Seniors seeking hearing help.     Seniors are the New Awesome   Back in the day,…

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Driven to Extremes by Noise and Silence

Audiologists counsel patients on a variety of noise-related situational topics and they do so repeatedly and repetitively.  Here are some common talking points in audiology offices, as well as a quick look at noise in the extreme.   Realistic Assessments   It’s important for people with hearing loss and hearing aids to make realistic assessments…

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CALM Down: When Life Got Better but Not Perfect for Hearing Aid Wearers

Five years ago, if hearing professionals received a nickel every time patients complained about excessive volume of TV commercials, they could’ve all retired in short order. The retirement fund kitty started to disappear back in 2012 when the US Congress reached consensus and passed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act).  The story of that bill is that it…

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Noise and Urban Encroachment

HHTM Staff: Last week’s post was supposed to be the absolute final post in this multi-month Noise series.  After getting the low-down on electronic earplugs, a new angle arose in the form of legislation to outfit firearms with noise suppressors (aka “silencers”).  The rationale for suppressors was ably supported by Knox Williams (President, American Silencer Assoc) last…

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