Tinnitus – How you can help its sufferers

It is an awful and distressing thing to observe a loved one suffer from tinnitus.  It debilitates the sufferer and ultimately renders the observer powerless. Here we talk about the various ways in which we can support those we love to manage this ‘invisible’ condition.   The truth about tinnitus    The overwhelming truth is…

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tinnitus primer for consumers

Tinnitus Primer for Consumers: And All This Time You Thought It Was In Your Ears!

In recent years, research from animal models and now human modeling has suggested a brain locus for tinnitus, rather than the ear-level origin assumed previously.      Research into tinnitus has become much more sophisticated of late, and is changing the common understanding of the disorder and providing the first testable model of human tinnitus…

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All About Tinnitus for Consumers and Patients

Today’s topic is a vexious problem that gets far less attention by hearing health professionals than you would think.  Tinnitus is a big issue for patients, but not one that is treatable by pills, surgery, or other traditional treatments.  However, there are treatments that are effective for some people.   What It Is   Tinnitus…

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Migraine, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus: An Interesting and Unusual Case Study

HHTM Staff: This is a quick post to alert you to a fascinating case study involving one-sided, mild hearing loss; one-sided, extreme tinnitus; and horrible migraine-type headaches. The patient was an adult female.  As you’ll see from reading the article, her symptoms were suspected to be related to some sort of trauma — perhaps a…

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