LGBTQ+ Audiologist Round Table

This special episode highlights audiologists who are members of the LGBTQ+ community and their contributions to the profession. They discuss how their identities and careers intertwine and how to best foster an inclusive and compassionate clinical experience for LGBTQ+ providers and patients alike.   Panelists include: Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. (She/her/hers) is an audiologist based in…

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concussion audiology

The Role of Audiology in Concussion: Interview with Dr. Liz Fuemmeler

This week, host Ashley Hughes is joined by Liz Fuemmeler, to discuss the role audiologists play in evaluation and management of patients with concussions and head injury. Dr. Fuemmeler discusses how she came to specialize in vestibular audiology, specifically related to concussion as part of an interdisciplinary team of specialists. Be sure to subscribe to…

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hearing loss cognitive decline dementia research

Hearing Loss and Cognition: What Does the Research Actually Tell Us?

Over the past decade, the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline has been a hot topic, with much of the research in this area misinterpreted or misunderstood. Here to help us get a clearer picture of this linkage between hearing loss and cognitive decline and how hearing aids might help is Danielle Powell, PhD.…

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hearing in noise audiotelligence

Addressing the Cocktail Party Problem: AudioTelligence’s Novel Approach to Improve Hearing in Noise

AudioTelligence is a UK-based audio startup that is developing and leveraging audio technologies for social good within the consumer technologies and hearing care markets. In this episode, Rick Radia, the Product & Partnerships Manager at AudioTelligence, shares the company’s mission and motivation in disrupting these markets with their software solution, aiso™. This software solution has…

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Future of Hearing Healthcare – Expanding the Scope Beyond the Hearing Aid

This week’s special episode comes live from the Future of Hearing Healthcare conference, where Dave Kemp hosts a panel of audiologists to discuss different ways clinicians can thrive in the future by exploring service delivery options beyond traditional hearing aid dispensing: Heather Malyuk, AuD, Head of Audiology at Tuned  Grace Sturdivant, AuD, Founder of OtoPro…

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