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Partnership Between an OTC Manufacturer and Audiology Clinics: Soundwave Hearing Update with Anthony Florek

Last spring, Soundwave Hearing’s CEO, Anthony Florek and company CTO, Chris Boven, were interviewed about their recently launched Sontro AI self-fitting hearing aids. This week, host Bob Traynor follows up with Anthony Florek about the progress his company has made over the past several months, including a new partnership with Amptify, and future plans now…

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hearing loss charity dominican republic

Bringing Better Hearing to the People of the Dominican Republic – Interview with Antonio Esteban

This week, host Amyn Amlani interviews Antonio Esteban, a hearing professional in the Dominican Republic. He describes how his son’s hearing loss diagnosis inspired him and his wife to begin a foundation to help other families.   Nearly two decades later, their foundation has helped change the lives of thousands of people with free hearing…

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ada audacity 2022 recap

AuDacity 2022 Conference Recap and Interview with Winners of the ADA Student Business Plan Competition

In this week’s episode, host Andrew Bellavia offers his thought on attending the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) 2022 AuDacity Conference as a non-audiologist. The conference was held from October 20-23, in Grapevine, Texas. In addition, we hear from practice owner, Dr. Yasmin Battat, SADA President Shannon Kim, and ADA Executive Director, Stephanie Czuhajewski,…

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hearing loss treatments gene therapy

New Medical Approaches to Treating Hearing Loss: Interview with Celia Belline and Peter Markham

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in the development of therapeutics to treat hearing disorders. In just the past few months, the industry has witnessed the FDA approval of Pedmark, a new drug to treat ototoxicity associated with pediatric patients 1 month or older, as well as the acquisition of Akouos by Eli Lilly…

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hearing aids remote microphone

When Hearing Aids Alone Aren’t Enough: Remote Microphones and TV Listening Devices

Dr. Michael Valente returns to make that case that audiologists should consider introducing remote microphones and TV listening devices routinely for their hearing aid patients as add-on accessories. Regular use of remote mics and TV listening devices help address the biggest complaints by hearing aid users, even in spite of being well fitted with their…

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