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Sony OTC Hearing Aid Partnership with WS Audiology: Interview with Maarten Barmentlo, WSA Chief Marketing Officer and President OTC

Sony Corporation and WS Audiology recently announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement in the over-the-counter self-fitting hearing aid market. Through the partnership, Sony and WSA aim to combine their respective technological and medical expertise to create solutions that will shape the new field.   In this special episode, Amyn Amlani sits down…

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sound engineers hearing loss prevention

Live Sound Engineers as Gatekeepers to Hearing Health? Interview with Michael Lawrence

Do you or your patients ever wonder why live music concerts are “so loud?” Live sound systems engineer, instructor, podcast host, technical writer/editor and author Michael Lawrence dives deeply into conversation with Laura Sinnott and Heather Malyuk. He describes life on tour, how he and his team at Rational Acoustics were awarded the 2022 Safe…

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remote care audiology telehealth

Successfully Integrating Remote Care into an Audiology Practice with Dr. Michael Valente

Dr. Michael Valente returns to discuss how remote care and remote fine tuning can help address issues of accessibility and convenience for patients. He’ll explain the importance of why audiology practices should implement these options in their service offering to differentiate their clinic in a post-OTC era. Readers may also be interested Part 1 and…

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fda otc hearing aid rule explanation

Breaking Down the FDA’s Final OTC Hearing Aid Guidelines with Dr. David Akbari

The recent release of the final FDA guidelines on over-the-counter (OTC) and prescriptive hearing aid categories is detailed and complex.  In this episode, Amyn Amlani is joined by David Akbari, Senior Medical Science, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Liaison at Intricon Corporation, to help breakdown the new regulations.   Dr. Akbari provides the audience with an…

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