A Genetic Link to Vertigo? Discussion with Dr. David Jones

Nearly four out of 10 people Americans will suffer from vertigo at some point in their lives. The sensation that vertigo causes – that you or your environment are moving or spinning can be debilitating and disrupt everyday life – causing people to suffer from dangerous falls, hearing loss, excruciating migraines, and miss work and…

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occupational stress audiologists research

Stumbling into Success: The Lived Experience & Occasional Stress of Audiologists

Recent research conducted by this week’s guest, Diana Emanuel, PhD of Towson University, suggests that an astounding 60% of audiologists find their way into the profession via the “undergraduate-stumble pathway.” That is, they find audiology through a circuitous route during their first few years of college, typically changing from speech pathology to audiology. Professor Emanuel…

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How Hearing Healthcare will Evolve in 2022: Discussion with Kat Penno and Andy Bellavia

In this week’s episode, Dave Kemp chats with Kat Penno, Director of Hearing Health at Nuheara, and Andy Bellavia, Director of Market Development for Knowles Corp. The 2-part episode provides a deep dive into where things are headed in 2022, including: The increasing sophistication of patient expectations and education Hearing device technology innovations currently underway…

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signia hearing aid performance noise

Signia’s Approach to Wearer Benefit in Noise: Interview with Brian Taylor

Signia, and its predecessor Siemens, has an impressive legacy of innovation geared toward enhancing the real-world performance of individuals with hearing loss. In this episode of This Week in Hearing, Bob and Brian recap many of the key milestones in the history of hearing aid technology over the past 75 years. In addition to their…

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gn acquisition lively ceo gitte aabo interview

GN Acquisition of Online Hearing Care Retailer, Lively: Discussion with GN Hearing CEO, Gitte Aabo

Last week, GN Hearing announced the acquisition of New York based Lively – a leading online direct-to-consumer hearing care retailer for approximately $95 million dollars. GN Hearing CEO, Gitte Aabo, returns to This Week in Hearing to discuss the motivation behind the acquisition with Bob Traynor. The pair discuss how the move strengthens GN’s position…

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