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Hearing Aid Alternatives: Inexpensive SMARTO Device Offers Appealing Features for Patients and Professionals

Battered and bruised, stuck in a cabinet for many months, then ready for action at a moment’s notice — think of all the loved ones, spouses and companions who shouted, “Can you hear me now?” into its bulbous black microphone, those ubiquitous pocket amplifiers had a great run. If you haven’t already, now might be…

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Addressing the Cocktail Party Problem: AudioTelligence’s Novel Approach to Improve Hearing in Noise

AudioTelligence is a UK-based audio startup that is developing and leveraging audio technologies for social good within the consumer technologies and hearing care markets. In this episode, Rick Radia, the Product & Partnerships Manager at AudioTelligence, shares the company’s mission and motivation in disrupting these markets with their software solution, aiso™. This software solution has…

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History and Evolution of Balanced Armature Receivers and Personalized Audio with Matt Skindzier of Knowles

As hearing aids and consumer audio devices converge, a wider range of people with hearing difficulties will have choices on the type of product they want to wear. At the heart of this convergence are transducers.    In this episode of This Week in Hearing, find out how Knowles Corporation, a household name in the…

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Reimagining Hearing Aid Design: Interview with Nick Morgan-Jones and Gray Dawdy of Decibels

This week, host Dave Kemp is joined by Nick Morgan-Jones and Gray Dawdy of Decibels. Nick says that he has needed hearing aids since the age of 10, but was turned off by the stigma associated with traditional hearing aids. In 2021, Nick started Decibels (originally Butterfly Audio) and video blogged his journey along the…

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