This Week in Hearing Round Table

The Round Table: Exploring Key Insights on the Changing Hearing Health Landscape

This Week in Hearing co-hosts, Dave Kemp, Bob Traynor, Amyn Amlani, and Brian Taylor, reflect on insights they’ve gained and key takeaways they’ve learned from more than 25 interviews with industry experts on the latest developments in the hearing industry. The lively discussion centers around the evolving landscape of hearing health – from hearing care…

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noopl innovator of year award interview

Addressing the Hearing in Noise Problem: Interview with Dr. Tim Trine, CEO of Noopl

In this week’s episode, Dave Kemp interviews Dr. Tim Trine, CEO of Noopl. His company was recently named ‘Innovator of the Year’ by an international panel of judges in the 2021 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ for it’s innovative iPhone accessory that works to provide better hearing in background noise.      The device, which clips…

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Hearables as Part of the Hearing Healthcare Journey: Interview with Nuheara’s John Luna

In this week’s technology spotlight, guest host Tony Sulsona speaks with John R. Luna, Chief Revenue Officer at Nuheara.  The pair discuss the changes in hearing health delivery over the past several years and how the hearables segment is becoming an important and growing part of the hearing healthcare journey – particularly among consumers younger…

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jabra enhance plus gitte aabo interview

Jabra Enhance Plus Launch: Interview with GN Hearing CEO, Gitte Aabo

GN Hearing recently announced the planned launch of the Jabra Enhance Plus – a new hearable device aimed at individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss for situational hearing enhancement.  GN Hearing CEO, Gitte Aabo, discusses the company’s planned launch of the Jabra Ehance Plus with This Week in Hearing host, Dr. Bob Traynor.  The…

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chatable knowles partnership

Leveraging AI for Next-Generation Hearing Enhancement: Knowles and Chatable Partnership

In recent surveys, up to 60% of hearables users said they would find conversational enhancement desirable. Such large percentages mean people who do not measure as having hearing loss also wish to hear others better in noisy situations. Meeting this need calls for AI-based speech enhancement, but until the present time it has not been possible…

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