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Enabling Greater Access to Ear & Hearing Health Services: Interview with TympaHealth CEO, Dr. Krishan Ramdoo

  TympaHealth, a UK-based startup, is premised on enabling people to access ear and health services quickly and efficiently. Their innovative technology enables allied healthcare professionals with an all-in-one mobile technology, Tympa System, that delivers otoscopy, micro suction wax removal, and hearing screener services. These services are then available in care settings such as pharmacies,…

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Challenges and Blessings of Navigating Hearing Loss in Children: Interview with Heather Thomson

This week, celebrity influencer and hearing advocate, Heather Thomson sits down with Shari Eberts to address the challenges and blessings of navigating hearing loss in children and empowering her son to own his hearing health as he enters adulthood. Heather recently partnered with ReSound to help raise awareness of the hearing loss stigma surrounding young…

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What the Research Can Tell Us About Consumer-Driven Hearing Healthcare: Interview with Vinaya Manchaiah, PhD

From picking a restaurant on a Saturday night to choosing a new dentist, all of us seem to rely more and more on online reviews. In this episode of This Week in Hearing, Vinaya Manchaiah, professor at the University of Colorado Medical School talks us through the consumer on-line review research his team of collaborators…

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Promoting Hearing Health Awareness Through Design: Interview with Tom Woods of Hearing Birdsong

A group in the United Kingdom has re-innovated how to test hearing sensitivity using five bird calls in a forest soundscape. The bird calls are digitized and occupy similar frequencies to that of a traditional pure-tone test. The rationale behind this re-innovation was developed using design-thinking strategies based on a patient’s story of hearing loss.…

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