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Hearing Loss and Cognition: What Does the Research Actually Tell Us?

Over the past decade, the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline has been a hot topic, with much of the research in this area misinterpreted or misunderstood. Here to help us get a clearer picture of this linkage between hearing loss and cognitive decline and how hearing aids might help is Danielle Powell, PhD.…

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Promoting Hearing Health Awareness Through Design: Interview with Tom Woods of Hearing Birdsong

A group in the United Kingdom has re-innovated how to test hearing sensitivity using five bird calls in a forest soundscape. The bird calls are digitized and occupy similar frequencies to that of a traditional pure-tone test. The rationale behind this re-innovation was developed using design-thinking strategies based on a patient’s story of hearing loss.…

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Public Health and Hearing Loss: Interview with Nick Reed, AuD

In this two-part conversation, Nick Reed, AuD, discusses what hearing care professionals need to know about public health and hearing loss.   In a wide-ranging interview with Brian Taylor, Reed, who is a research audiologist and assistant professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, discusses why hearing loss of gradual onset in adults is…

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