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Successfully Integrating Remote Care into an Audiology Practice with Dr. Michael Valente

Dr. Michael Valente returns to discuss how remote care and remote fine tuning can help address issues of accessibility and convenience for patients. He’ll explain the importance of why audiology practices should implement these options in their service offering to differentiate their clinic in a post-OTC era. Readers may also be interested Part 1 and…

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Successfully Integrating OTC Hearing Aids into an Audiology Practice

After last week’s discussion on the essential elements of running a successful practice, such as calculating cost/hour and how this can be used in a bundled or unbundled approach to hearing aid dispensing, Dr. Michael Valente returns to discuss how audiology clinics can integrate OTC devices into their clinic offering. In Part 2 of his…

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Running a Successful Audiology Clinic: Is a Bundled or Unbundled Approach Best?

How can you ensure your clinic will remain viable in the face of a changing hearing care landscape? Should you bundle or unbundle your clinic fees? How do you determine which method is best for your business and your patients? Michael Valente, PhD, joins Dave Kemp this week to discuss the essential elements every practice…

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