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OTC Hearing Aids: Hearing Device Manufacturers Share Perspective on FDA’s Final Regulations

In 2022 the FDA has now finally issued its final regulations for over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids in the United States. Many years in the making, as part of the development of the OTC guidelines, the FDA received input from various stakeholders, including those who actually manufacture hearing devices for people with hearing loss. After commenting…

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OTC Hearing Aids: Hearing Professional Perspective on FDA’s Final Regulations

After years of debate and discussion, the FDA has finally issued its ‘final rule’ for over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids in the United States. After hearing from numerous stakeholders and thousands of comments following the publication of the draft rule in late 2021, the FDA made some changes to the previous draft version of the regulations.…

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Successfully Integrating OTC Hearing Aids into an Audiology Practice

After last week’s discussion on the essential elements of running a successful practice, such as calculating cost/hour and how this can be used in a bundled or unbundled approach to hearing aid dispensing, Dr. Michael Valente returns to discuss how audiology clinics can integrate OTC devices into their clinic offering. In Part 2 of his…

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Challenges and Rewards of Building a New Hearing Care Platform – Tuned Audiology Roundtable

Heather Malyuk sits down with her audiology colleagues, Kathleen Wallace and Laura Sinnott, to discuss their experience helping develop the Tuned hearing care platform – what has surprised them about the patients they are seeing, and the many different ways audiologists can leverage the telehealth platform to better serve patients. To learn more about Tuned…

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Running a Successful Audiology Clinic: Is a Bundled or Unbundled Approach Best?

How can you ensure your clinic will remain viable in the face of a changing hearing care landscape? Should you bundle or unbundle your clinic fees? How do you determine which method is best for your business and your patients? Michael Valente, PhD, joins Dave Kemp this week to discuss the essential elements every practice…

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