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Public Health and Hearing Loss: Interview with Nick Reed, AuD, PhD

In this two-part conversation, Nick Reed, AuD, PhD, discusses what hearing care professionals need to know about public health and hearing loss.   In a wide-ranging interview with Brian Taylor, Reed, who is a research audiologist and assistant professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, discusses why hearing loss of gradual onset in adults…

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hearing aid subscription leasing

Hearing Aid Delivery: Leasing and Subscription Models. TWIH Episode 3

In recent years, the popularity of leasing and subscription plans has begun to find its way into hearing healthcare.  In this week’s segment, Dr. Bob Traynor interviews Jim Kothe, Head of Sales for Whisper Hearing and Dan Quall, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Fuel Medical, on why clinics may consider offering leasing or subscription plans…

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this week in hearing

This Week in Hearing, Episode 1: Interview with Brent Edwards and Andy Bellavia

Hearing Health & Technology Matters is pleased to announce the launch of a new weekly video series: This Week in Hearing. The new series will offer a candid, insightful, and engaging weekly exploration of the latest trends, technologies and developments in the world of hearing.  For the inaugural episode, Dave Kemp interviews interviews Brent Edwards,…

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