treating minimal hearing loss euha

Innovations in Treating Minimal Hearing Loss – Dr. Brent Edwards, Live from EUHA

In this special presentation, Brent Edwards, Ph.D., explores innovations in treatment for so-called minimal hearing losses. He discusses whether hearing professionals should recommend hearing devices to people with minimal hearing loss, and what research actually tells us about how well people with minimal hearing losses can benefit from hearing devices. The presentation includes research findings…

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marketrak 2022 hearing aids

MarkeTrak 2022 and HIA’s New ‘Hear Well’ Campaign: Interview with Kate Carr

Kate Carr, Executive Director of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), joins Brian Taylor to discuss some of the key findings in the latest MarkeTrak 2022 report.     Since 1989, HIA has been collecting data on the estimated incidence of hearing loss within the U.S., household income and education related to hearing aid use, satisfaction…

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auracast bluetooth hearing aids

Auracast Bluetooth Audio Poised to Revolutionize Hearing & Listening Experience for Millions: Interview with Nick Hunn

Nick Hunn, the analyst who coined the term ‘hearables’, sits down with Dave Kemp to talk about Auracast™ Bluetooth broadcast audio and the significant implications it will have for people with hearing loss, as well as the general public once the technology becomes widely available. Auracast™ broadcast audio enables an audio transmitter, such as a…

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hearing loss cognitive decline dementia research

Hearing Loss and Cognition: What Does the Research Actually Tell Us?

Over the past decade, the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline has been a hot topic, with much of the research in this area misinterpreted or misunderstood. Here to help us get a clearer picture of this linkage between hearing loss and cognitive decline and how hearing aids might help is Danielle Powell, PhD.…

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qualcomm state of sound report analysis

Changing Preferences in Consumer Audio: Breaking Down Qualcomm’s 2021 State of Sound Report

In this week’s episode, Dave Kemp interviews Dr. James Fielding, the Founder and Managing Director of Audeara, and Andy Bellavia, Director of Market Development for Knowles Corp. They break down the latest Qualcomm ‘State of Sound Report‘ and discuss the implications of the changing consumer preferences in audio and how it relates to hearing health.…

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