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Dr. Wayne Staab is an internationally recognized authority on hearing aids. As President of Dr. Wayne J. Staab and Associates, he is engaged in consulting, research, development, manufacturing, education, and marketing projects related to hearing. Interests away from business include fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, golf, travel, tennis, softball, lecturing, sporting clays, 4-wheeling, archery, swimming, guitar, computers, and photography. Among other pursuits.

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  1. Thanks for this, Wayne. I always had a great deal of acoustic feedback, but my latest ITC hearing aids have ‘locks’ on them, causing very little feedback. In fact, the only time I really experience feedback is when I’m doing morning makeup and my head is tilted slightly back as I look in the mirror. (If you were ever to put on mascara, you would understand better the neck movement of which I speak!).


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