Earwax and Glands

Earwax: Sweat and Cerumen Glands: Part 3   Glands of the Skin of the Ear Canal Earwax is the result of the action of sweat and cerumen glands in the skin lining of the outer portion of the ear canal (Figure 1).  The dermis of the skin of the cartilaginous ear canal contains two exocrine…

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wet cerumen earwax

Earwax – Current State of Knowledge – Part I

What is Earwax?   It has been called earwax, cerumen, gunk, cat earwax (Japan), and other names, not all complimentary.  It is technically called cerumen, and while often thought of as a hygienic nuisance, is far from this, actually representing one our body’s ingenious functional mechanisms, even though scientists are still not certain why we…

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