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Variety of New Hearing Technology to Be On Display at AAA Convention this Week

This week, thousands of audiologists will descend upon Nashville, Tennessee, for the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) annual conference. This year marks the Academy’s 30th anniversary and, as in years past, a variety of new technology is expected to be on display at the conference.

Among the more than 150 exhibitors at this year’s event include representation from all the major hearing aid manufacturers, diagnostic equipment makers, marketing and business consultants, and a number of smaller and lesser-known companies trying to break into the industry at the world’s largest gathering of audiologists.


Technology On Display


While there have been many announcements regarding presentations and exhibits at the AAA convention this year, below is a small sample (not a complete list) of companies that have stated they will be presenting their technology at this year’s event in Nashville:


  • Alango Technologies (Booth #407) will be demonstrating its Wear & Hear line of personal hearing products. They will also be presenting a session entitled “Personal Hearing Products: A Consumer Electronics Approach to Hearing Enhancement”
  • Earlens Corporation (Booth #532) will be showcasing their light-driven hearing aid technology.
  • Ear Technology Corporation (Booth #738) will be showing off their latest technology, including the Resonance clinical equipment line of products.
  • Intricon (suite 9, 10) will be attending this years event, and its joint business venture with the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, earVenture, will also be represented (Booth #639).
  • Lucid Audio (Booth #1504) and Lucid Hearing (Booth #1506) will be displaying their latest developments and technology at the conference
  • Nuheara (Booth #1050) the fast-growing hearable maker, which was recently registered as an approved supplier to the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program, will be showcasing their latest technology
  • Oticon (Booth #915) will be displaying the extended Opn family of products, including the recently launched ConnectClip device. Additionally, the company will be presenting multiple educational sessions during the event.
  • Otometrics (Booth #621) will be introducing a new line of Bio-Logic diagnostic equipment at this year’s convention.
  • Shoebox Audiometry (Booth #414) will be showcasing their latest technology at this years event.
  • Signia (Booth #717 & 707) will be showing off their latest Signia Nx technology, and have several educational sessions planned during the conference.
  • Sonic (#1417) will be showing off their new Enchant family of hearing aids, as well as the new SoundClip-A wireless device
  • Sonova (Booth #1113, suite 6 & 7) will be showing off their expanded portfolio of rechargeable hearing aids and devices built on it’s SWORD platform, from Unitron, Phonak and Hansaton.
  • Sprint CapTel (Booth #751) will be displaying and demonstrating there caption phones during the event.
  • Widex (Booth #613) will be showcasing their latest technology, likely including their newly released Evoke devices that have been touted as the “world’s first machine learning hearing aid”.
  • Zpower (Booth #1339, suite 11) will be showcasing their rechargeable technology, which is currently compatible with several major hearing aid manufacturers


For more information on this year’s event, including the full list of conference sponsors and educational sessions, visit the AAA conference website.


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