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Mar. 07, 2024

New Hearing Aid Images a Big Step Forward; More Work Still Needed

For many years, hearing healthy advocates (me included) have bemoaned the lack of realistic and modern hearing aid images that are used in the media coverage of hearing loss. News articles may tout the waning stigma around wearing hearing aids, but the accompanying images showing a beige, oversized and outdated device tell a different story. These misleading images often perpetuate
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Feb. 19, 2024

All of Us Can Help Change Mindsets about Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts
World Hearing Day, held on March 3 annually, focuses the world on the importance of proper hearing care. Each year, The World Health Organization selects a theme to highlight. Last year’s was “Ear and hearing care for all” showcasing the importance of integrating ear and hearing care within primary care. In 2022, the theme was “To hear for life, listen
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Jan. 27, 2024

Swim Plugs to the Rescue

My family and I love to snorkel. The brightly colored fish glittering in the sun are always a treat for the senses. Sometimes we spot something larger like a turtle or even a barracuda. My husband and son like to dive down to search for octopi and other hidden gems. This rapid change in pressure brings water into their ears
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Dec. 14, 2023

A Master Class in Self-Advocacy

After each performance of All the Devils are Here, the actor Patrick Page hosts a 20-minute talkback with the audience. He is one of my favorite actors, so I was excited to stay after the show to see what he had to say. I hadn’t expected a master class in self-advocacy as well.  “I am hard of hearing and wear
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Nov. 21, 2023

Holiday Air Travel Tips for People with Hearing Loss

It’s that time of year again, and everyone I know is heading somewhere for the holidays. No matter the destination, the holiday season is a busy time for travel, and that often means spending time at the airport.  Traveling can try anyone’s patience, but with hearing loss, there are additional challenges. How will I know if my flight is delayed?
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Nov. 17, 2023

Towards a more accessible world (for people with hearing loss)

In the ever-evolving landscape of assistive hearing devices, there has been almost a total shift away from individual solutions for transmitting audio to hearing aids via the telecoil to proprietary solutions that transmit to hearing aids offering a more integrated and seamless experience for users such as spouse microphones, TV transmitters etc. However the importance of the existence of telecoils
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Oct. 16, 2023

How to Create Your Own Accessibility at a Conference

Shari Eberts
I’ve gotten spoiled over the years of my hearing loss advocacy, especially at consumer-related conventions where accommodations are plentiful. Thank you HLAA for always supporting our hearing loss needs with both hearing loops and CART in every session!  But sometimes I speak at other types of conferences in hopes of sharing a hearing loss advocacy message with more mainstream audiences.
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Sep. 14, 2023

Can you Buy Hearing Aids One Place and Service Them in Another?

Shari Eberts
Post-pandemic I have been wearing glasses more often, but in the warm days of summer, I needed sun protection. It was time for a pair of prescription sunglasses. A hearing loss friend told me about glasses with interchangeable tops—and one of the top options was sunglasses! Sold! Ordering the glasses online was easy. The company contacted my doctor to verify
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Aug. 18, 2023

The Power of Visual Cues for People with Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts
It was a dimly lit restaurant and our over-50 crowd struggled to read the menu. One friend turned on her flashlight, another put on reading glasses, and a third used the magnifier app on her phone. Easily accessed workarounds helped each of us to get the information we needed from the menu.  But then the waiter arrived to tell us
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Jul. 13, 2023

Greater Hearing Loss Awareness Creates Options

Shari Eberts
We were in triangle pose—a challenging posture where you bend the body sideways over straight legs. One arm extends upwards towards the sky while the other reaches down for the floor. Reaches is the key word, because depending on your flexibility, the hand aiming for the floor may not get there. Or even close. And that is ok.  “If your