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Oticon Opn Family of Devices Grows with Addition of Custom Product Line

Hearing aid maker, Oticon, announced that it is has expanded its Opn family of devices to include a new range of custom, in-ear devices. The company says its new Invisible In the Canal (IIC) style is the smallest and most discreet device it has made to date.

The new custom in-ear devices will join Oticon’s popular behind-the-ear Opn hearing aids and offer consumers a wider range of choices to address their individual needs. 


Oticon Opn Hearing Aids


Oticon says the new custom aids use the same 360° open sound experience that its current Opn devices use to help deliver a “more natural hearing experience”.

oticon opn hearing aids in ear
expanded family of Opn instruments, now includes custom in-ear instruments

“The variety of Opn Custom styles, functionalities and features combined with Oticon’s groundbreaking open sound experience provides hearing care professionals with even more Opn choices for their patients, especially those who are reluctant to try hearing aids,” says Don Schum, PhD, Oticon Vice President of Audiology.

“For many first-time users, the appeal of an invisible hearing solution, our smallest IIC ever, may be the catalyst for taking action to address their hearing loss.”

The new custom lineup includes fully-featured styles with 2.4 GHz low energy Bluetooth connectivity. According to the company, the miniaturization of components enables “more functionality in less space, resulting in fewer compromises and more modeling freedom to support a better physical fit and a higher fit rate”.

The options and availability of Opn Custom features varies with hearing aid style and prescription.


Oticon Introduces Essential Category: Siya


The new Oticon Siya utilizes Oticon’s BrainHearing technology and “a powerful chip that processes sound 50 times faster than Oticon’s previous generation of essential hearing aids”.

Using 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy technology, Siya is said to be the first hearing aid in the essential category to allow easy wireless connectivity with low battery consumption to modern smartphones, TVs and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The new Siya hearing aids comes in a complete family of styles, ranging from invisible custom styles to power hearing aids.


New HearingFitness Tool Helps Encourage Healthy Hearing


Along with the addition of Siya and expansion of the Opn family of instruments, Oticon also announced a new tool available in the company’s ON smartphone App: HearingFitness™.

Users of internet-connected Oticon Opn and Oticon Siya hearing aids can use the new HearingFitness tool to track how long they wear their devices and receive notifications and prompts to help them reach their wearing goals and track the noise levels they are frequently exposed to.

According to the announcement, the new tool can be especially useful for first-time users who find it difficult to adapt to wearing hearing aids


Source: Oticon

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