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Redux Launches Innovative Drying System for Hearing Instruments

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANARedux has announced the expansion of their device care footprint into the audiology industry with the launch of the first-of-its-kind drying technology to treat hearing instruments impacted by moisture.

Available to audiology and hearing care professionals nationwide, the company says their new solution is a “proven to restore hearing instruments to their peak operational state in about 14 minutes with the push of a button”.


Keeping Moisture Out


Moisture is a leading cause of hearing instrument malfunction among the millions of Americans currently relying on hearing aids to fully connect with the world around them. Redux responded to this need by developing a unique drying process that creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water to remove all liquid from within both traditionally powered and rechargeable hearing aids. 

This patented approach allows for “complete moisture removal at a controlled, safe temperature”.

Redux drying technology already has a proven history within the wireless communication industry, focusing on wet consumer electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.  These drying devices are currently found in over 2,000 cell phone retail locations nationwide.  To date, approximately two million people have enrolled in a membership program with Redux to protect their cellular equipment from moisture damage and data loss. 

Redux co-founder, Reuben Zielinski, recognized an opportunity to apply the improved drying technology within the audiology market based on his previous work with a major hearing aid manufacturer. As a result, Redux is now partnering with audiologists to implement a similar membership program that provides patients with regular access to the technology at their local hearing care provider.  

“We’re excited to partner with a growing network of hearing care professionals to bring additional value to their patients and their practice. While hearing instruments are evolving, we believe instrument care should too. Redux has developed an audiology solution based on the proven Redux platform dryer. This drying system can detect minuscule amounts of water and report the level removed to the patient and hearing professional. The level of accuracy found with Redux isn’t something you’ll find with any other dryer on the market.”

Reuben Zielinski, Redux co-founder

During a recent audiology trial, moisture was detected and removed from 76% of all hearing instruments dried by Redux. With as little as 0.5 microliters in a receiver, Redux has seen a 30-dB attenuation in hearing instruments’ speaker output. Additionally, the trial showed improved functionality in 65% of aids reported as having weakness prior to drying.

“The first time we tested the Redux drying solution, my patient had previously repaired his hearing aid more than four times in three years,” said Samantha Sikorski, HIS ACA, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Sikorski Hearing Aid Center, Inc. “The issue wasn’t necessarily with the brand or model of the hearing aid, but that he was subject to frequent perspiration, and no hearing aid can function properly in that environment. Once he decided to try the Redux drying method, he was able to wear his hearing aids every day without fail.”

Redux will be showcasing the dryer at this year’s 68th Annual International Hearing Society Convention & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee on September 19-21. The company was selected by expo organizers to present at the event’s Innovation Station. Convention attendees are encouraged to visit Redux at booth #222 to learn more about its innovative drying technology for hearing instruments.



About Redux

Founded by Reuben Zielinski and Joel Trusty in Indianapolis in 2013, Redux uses a patented technique to remove moisture from personal electronic devices with a vacuum drying process that reduces the evaporation point of water so that all moisture is removed quickly, completely and at a safe temperature for the hearing device. Redux provides a real-time measure of moisture removed during the drying process and reports the total amount upon completion. This technique has been used effectively for wet cell phones, cameras, tablets and other devices. To learn more about Redux and its drying technology, visit or email

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