Advanced Bionics Receives FDA Approval for Marvel Cochlear Implant Platform and First Sound Processor for Children

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA — Advanced Bionics (AB), a global leader in cochlear implant technology, in collaboration with Phonak, has received FDA approval and announces it is bringing Marvel hearing technology to Advanced Bionics cochlear implant wearers.

This includes:

  • Sky CI™ Marvel, the world’s first dedicated sound processor for children
  • New Naída™ CI Marvel sound processor for adults
  • Sky Link Marvel and Naida Link Marvel super-power hearing aids for bimodal wearers
  • New Target CI fitting software with industry-first features
  • New Advanced Bionics Remote app for easy adjustments via smartphone


The New Naída CI Marvel


With its more than 25 years of experience in cochlear implants, Advanced Bionics brings the celebrated Marvel platform to benefit their adult cochlear implant recipients. With AutoSense OS™ 3.0, Naída CI Marvel delivers excellent sound quality and performance in a variety of situations throughout the day.

“This machine-learning algorithm analyzes the sounds in the listener’s environment every 0.4 seconds and can identify whether they’re in a noisy restaurant, car, concert hall, at home, etc. It then engages the appropriate cochlear implant system features to customize and enhance the wearer’s hearing experience based on the specific characteristics of the listening environment.”

With Marvel CI, Advanced Bionics offers the world’s first cochlear implant sound processor to connect to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device and to support hands-free calling. Naída CI Marvel’s unique ergonomic housing and slim headpiece offer a secure, discreet, and comfortable wearing experience.

Together with the AB remote app, which enables convenient and discreet management of the hearing devices, it provides ultimate ease of use.


Sky CI Marvel: World’s First Dedicated Sound Processor for Children


Sky CI Marvel combines proven Advanced Bionics sound processing with the proven Marvel platform from Phonak, a global leader in pediatric hearing care. AutoSense Sky OS™ 3.0 work similarly to the adult version in Naida CI Marvel but is uniquely designed for a child’s typical listening situations, providing excellent sound quality and performance wherever the child goes.

Offering a wide variety of wearing options, child-preferred colors, and waterproof accessories, Sky CI Marvel offers flexibility for a growing child’s adventures, whether at the pool or in school. Its integrated Roger™ technology help kids hear their teachers and conversation partners in classrooms, cafeterias, and auditoriums directly in their ears, bypassing noise in the environment.

Plus, direct smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth® and the intuitive AB Remote app help kids stay connected with the world around them throughout their day.


Dynamic Bimodal Hearing with Sky Link Marvel and Naida Link Marvel


Most cochlear implant wearers choose to a have only one cochlear implant despite having severe or profound hearing loss in both ears. The other un-implanted ear requires a super-powered hearing solution that works in harmony with the cochlear implant. This is known as bimodal hearing, and scientific evidence shows that combining a hearing aid with a cochlear implant results in significantly higher speech understanding and sound quality than provided by the cochlear implant or a hearing aid alone.*

Marvel technology has now been extended to these bimodal-hearing patients with the introduction of Phonak Sky Link Marvel and new Naida Link Marvel.

Both the Sky Link Marvel and Naida Link Marvel can be worn together as hearing aids or be paired with an Advanced Bionics Sky CI Marvel or Naida CI Marvel sound processor. Because they are both based on Marvel technology, the cochlear implant sound processor and hearing aid are wirelessly connected and communicate with each other in a coordinated, dynamic way. Like their cochlear implant counterparts, both Sky Link Marvel and Naida Link Marvel also feature RogerDirect™, hands-free calls with own voice-pickup, and directly connect to iOS, Android or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

“This is one of the most important and impressive product launches Advanced Bionics has ever had. Building on the wildly successful Phonak Marvel platform, Naída CI Marvel, Sky CI Marvel, and Target CI are going to be game changers for the cochlear implant industry, revolutionizing the way our wearers can expect to hear with their cochlear implant systems, and the way their hearing care providers fit them”

–Victoria E. Carr-Brendel, Ph.D., GVP, Sonova Group and President of Advanced Bionics

“The relationship between Phonak and Advanced Bionics is more than just a collaboration – it’s truly a partnership among two sister brands that share Sonova’s vision of a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a life without limitations,” added Sandy Brandmeier, President of Sonova USA’s Wholesale Hearing Instruments division.

“Marvel was Phonak’s most successful product launch in history and we couldn’t be prouder to offer that technology to bimodal wearers as well as those preparing for cochlear implants with Naida Link Marvel and Sky Link Marvel.”


Target CI Marvel: Designed to Offer Hearing Professionals Easier, Faster, and Smarter Fittings


Target CI offers hearing care professionals easier fittings with the industry-standard Noahlink Wireless, giving them and their patients the freedom and convenience of cable-free programming. For the first time ever, professionals can program a cochlear implant and the associated bimodal hearing aid with one software in one fitting session.

Its intuitive workflow, and user-centric design and features are made for faster fittings, allowing professionals to spend more time with their patients, rather than the software. Target CI is also designed to be a smarter fitting tool, with default settings optimized for cochlear implant patients, giving professionals the flexibility to meet their patient-specific needs.

“My hearing aid research studies have shown that AutoSense technology provides significant improvement in hearing in many challenging real world listening situations. I’m pleased to see this kind of innovation available in the Marvel CI to allow adult and pediatric CI patients to connect with the world around them more easily than ever before. Target CI’s integration with the Noah software system and Noahlink Wireless will also add a great deal of efficiency for clinicians working with cochlear implants”

–Jace Wolfe, Ph.D., Chief of Audiology & Research, Hearts for Hearing


About Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing hearing solutions for individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss who no longer benefit from hearing aids. Founded in 1993 and a subsidiary of the Sonova Group since 2009, AB develops cutting-edge cochlear implant technology that allows recipients to hear their best. AB joined Phonak as part of the Sonova Group of companies and began a collaboration unlike any other in the industry. Since then, the innovation leaders in cochlear implants and hearing aids have continuously combined technologies to deliver new, unequalled hearing solutions. With sales in more than 50 countries and a proven track record for developing high-performing, state-of-the-art products, AB’s talented worldwide group of technologists and professionals are driven to engage with patients and professionals, work with integrity, and stay firmly committed to the best possible performance.


About Phonak

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, was created in 1947 out of a passion for taking on the most difficult hearing challenges. Seventy years later, this passion remains. As one of the industry’s leading innovator, we offer the broadest portfolio of life-changing hearing solutions. From pediatric to profound hearing loss, we remain committed to creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. We believe in creating a world where ‘Life is on’ for everyone. At Phonak, we believe that well-hearing equates to well-being and is essential to living life to the fullest. For more than 70 years, we have remained passionate about creating a world where ‘life is on’ for everyone. Our innovative hearing solutions are designed for people of all ages and all degrees of hearing loss, to connect socially, thrive mentally and grow emotionally. Life is on.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sonova AG is under license.

* Gifford, R. H., and Dorman, M. F. (2019). Bimodal hearing or bilateral cochlear implants: ask the patient. Ear and Hearing, 40(3), 501-516. doi: 10.1097/AUD.0000000000000657.

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