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HELM Receives CES Innovation Award for SensusHD Wireless Earbuds with Hearing Enhancement

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — HELM Audio Ltd., a globally distributed British-American audio innovation company has announced they were the recipient of a 2021 CES Innovation Honoree Award for their SensusHD, smart enhanced hearing true wireless headphones. 

Powered by a co-developed SenusHD app with audio DSP industry leader, Sonarworks and Native Voice integration for universal voice-assistance.

This year’s CES Innovation Honoree award marks the 5th such award in just the last two years for HELM Audio. 


SensusHD: Hearing Enhanced True Wireless Headphones


The SensusHD design “integrates groundbreaking lifestyle technologies with industry-leading 10 hr battery life to truly change and enhance hearing how the world hears”. Pure HiFi quality audio for entertainment combined with the award winning SoundID audio profiling technology from Sonarworks developed exclusively for the SensusHD.

sensushd earbuds hearing assistance
SensusHD earbuds shown with charging case

The SensusHD app allows for the tuning of the frequency response to each person’s unique hearing profile that “enhances everything you want to hear, and Native Voice integration allows seamless access to universal voice assistants”. 

The HELM SensusHD app for iOS and Android allows users to tailor their hearing preferences through the SoundID feature to create a personalized sound profile based on their unique listening abilities.

The individualized hearing profiles are created by taking simple a/b comparison tests and selecting the audio they hear more clearly and like better. Machine learning algorithms analyze the data to create the personalized EQ curve and adjust the sound of HELM SensusHD accordingly.  HELM’s Smart Talk technology utilizes proprietary noise cancelling algorithms and discrete beam-forming microphones to focus on the speech and ambient sounds that a user wants to hear.

When paired up with SensusHD’ studio-tuned drivers, the result is “crystal clear audio for HiFi music backed by crystal clear communications, combined with a dramatic reduction in background noise”. Users can switch between Music Mode and Smart Talk Mode on the fly. Native Voice integration provides direct access to Alexa, Siri, and new branded voice services like Hey Spotify/Uber.


Bridging the Gap Between Hearing Aids and Headphones


While not for use as a medical device, the HELM Audio SensusHD is “the next generation for enhanced hearing that doubles as an industry leading Bluetooth true wireless headphone. The tell-tale beige and clumsy design of typical hearing aided equipment is a thing of the past”.

The company says the SensusHD is designed to deliver “studio-quality headphone sound and unparalleled hearing assistance in a long-lasting Bluetooth earbud, all in a convenient form factor and at an affordable price”.

“The SensusHD is revolutionary, in-step with our mission to deliver innovative sound solutions that offer users the ultimate choice in sound quality, freedom, functionality and ultimately improving quality of life through hearing more. Our partnership with Sonarworks and Native Voice allows us to bring leading-edge technologies and combine it with our studio-tuned sound signature to offer our users a new way forward in enhanced hearing devices”

Eric Johnson, CEO of HELM Audio

“Based on our award winning SoundID technology for creating individually perfected sound profiles for every listener the HELM SensusHD headphones enter a new frontier of sound perfection. Now every listener of Helm SensusHD will be able to tailor their headphones to match their unique hearing and sound preferences,” said Martins Popelis, Sonarworks Co-Founder & CPO.


Pricing and Availability


The SensusHD will retail for $199.99 and will be available on Amazon and HELM’s website Q2 2021. 

To learn more about HELM Audio’s new products visit or join the company’s Facebook community at  


About HELM

HELM Audio™ Ltd. is a British-American Audio Innovation company setting sail on a course of audio innovation and discovery delivering studio-level audio quality to our mobile world. The results have broken the sound barrier and shattered the old-guard expectations of what is possible. Founded in 2017 by an elite global squad of musicians, audio engineers, proven product developers and industry veterans, HELM headphones and accessories deliver thrilling and immersive audio quality that put the “make you wanna dance” style back into everyday audio experiences – all perfected for our mobile lifestyle and at prices that won’t break the bank.


Source: HELM Audio Ltd.

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