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Lively Launches Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Last week, direct to consumer hearing aid brand Lively began selling a new rechargeable hearing aid model. The company, which launched in January 2019, sells privately labeled ReSound hearing aids along with a remote (telehealth) care package.

Users can take Lively’s online hearing assessment, meet with an audiologist face-to-face via video conference, and receive a premium hearing aid – all without leaving their home. The company says that it backs up purchases with a 100-day money-back guarantee and 3 years of unlimited support from Lively doctors for fine-tuning and hearing aid care.

The new rechargeable hearing aids are currently priced at $2,250 a pair, with the battery powered version at $1,850 a pair.


Lively Rechargeable Hearing Aid Features


The new rechargeable devices are said to offer better performance and direct streaming from iOS and select Android models. The charging case holds 3 full charges before having to be plugged in. Each 3-hour charge gives you 30 hours of listening time.


Hearing Aid Specifications


  • Input Dynamic Range 116 dB input dynamic range. Loud inputs are clearer, softer sounds can be heard with less background noise.
  • Frequency Response 9.5kHZ extended frequency bandwidth. Provides access to more nuances of sound and allows for better balance across frequencies.
  • New Wireless Radio 5 dB. Ear-to-ear performance is better with improved signal strength.
  • Dfs Ultra Ii With Music Mode High precision feedback path analysis enables DFS Ultra II to cancel feedback with extreme accuracy. Music Mode analyzes the sound over a longer period of time, so the system can better distinguish true feedback from music and other tonal sounds.
  • MFI Streaming Bandwidth Sound is fuller with wide (up to 9.5hMZ) frequency streaming through a proprietary Apple protocol.
  • Noise Tracker II Spectral subtraction technology reduces unwanted noise without degrading the speech signal.


Charger Specifications


  • Quick Charge Each 3-hour charge yields 30 hours of use (24 hours streaming 50% of the time), with 8 hours of use from each 30-minute charge.
  • long-lasting Battery Power A powerful lithium battery holds three full charges.
  • No-Contact Charging “No contacts” induction charging aligns for polarities.
  • Portability The charging case fits easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack.


Audiology Care On-Demand


Three years of on-demand access to Lively audiologists is said to comes with every purchase, via the company’s app: “Simply tell us what you need, and our doctor will make remote adjustments to your settings from anywhere in real-time.”

“At Lively, our commitment to audiology runs deep: Not only are we advised by some of the top audiologists in the world, but we make sure each and every Lively client meets face-to-face with a licensed audiologist.”

Further details on Lively’s audiology approach to testing and remote care can be read here.


Source: Lively

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