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MDHearingAid Announces Launch of VOLT+

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — MDHearingAid has announced the launch of its newest hearing aid, the VOLT+

The new hearing aid replaces the popular VOLT model, and includes a number of upgrades and new features compared to its predecessor.


New Features & Upgrades


New feature: water-resistant 

Built to last, the VOLT+ has a water-resistant (IP57 rated) coating that protects the devices from moisture, dust, and debris. It can “withstand water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes, so you have one less thing to worry about”. 

New feature: longer battery life 

VOLT+ provides an even longer battery life than the original VOLT (24-30 hours vs. 18-22 hours). This means wearers can enjoy a full day of hearing on a single charge of the VOLT+ gives  you 24+ hours of clear hearing.

New feature: carrying/charging case 

The new charger doubles as a carrying case, whereas with the old charger, you simply set the hearing aids on top and  it did not serve a carrying case purpose. 

The sleek magnetic charging case provides up to 3 full charges without needing to be plugged in. Keep an extra charger on your desk at work or in a travel bag, so you’re never without a charge when you  need it. The easy-to-use charging case is magnetic—simply place your VOLT+ hearing aids on the charger  and the LED indicator on the front will let you know when they are done charging.

A full charge takes  approximately 2.5 hours. On average, a full charge lasts 24-30 hours. 


VOLT+ Includes Popular Features from the Original VOLT


In addition to the newly announced features, the VOLT+ keeps popular features from the original VOLT, including: 

  • Advanced digital hearing aid technology: The VOLT+ includes “the latest digital hearing aid technology to provide a clear hearing experience in the most diverse listening environments”. 
  • Four listening environment settings: The VOLT+ includes four listening environment settings: (1) quiet, (2) social, (3) noisy, and (4) restaurant. Cycling through the listening environments can be achieved by pressing a button on the hearing aid.
  • Dual directional mics: The dual directional microphones help focus on sound in front of the user. “This allows you to understand what your conversation partner is saying even in the presence of distracting background noises”.
  • Feedback reduction: The VOLT+ offers feedback reduction technology that helps prevent the high-pitched whistling noises, known as feedback, that may occur in less advanced hearing aids.  
  • Affordable pricing: The VOLT+ is only $599.99 a pair.
  • 100% money-back guarantee: Like all MDHearingAid products, the VOLT+ comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Interested readers can learn more about the VOLT+ here


Source: MDHearingAid

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