signia streamline mic review

Signia Streamline Mic – Review

If you are looking at streaming music, movies or calls from your Android phone, laptop or TV, the Streamline Mic is for you. It allows you to pair your Bluetooth connected hearing aids (Nx and X models) to any Bluetooth connected device.

Additionally, you can use the Streamline Mic as a remote control or remote microphone for your hearing aids making it quite versatile, no matter the situation you are in. 

To find out how to connect the Streamline Mic – click here for a tutorial video.


Remote Control 


The Streamline Mic allows you to switch programs and control the volume of your hearing aids. This is especially helpful for Styletto devices, which don’t have any volume controls or provide visible buttons for people who don’t like or can’t reach onboard hearing aid buttons (or for those who can’t or don’t use the Signia app to adjust their devices). 


Remote Microphone


It can also function as a remote microphone, allowing you to stream sound from the microphone directly to your hearing aid. If you’re someone who struggles to hear well in noisy situations, like restaurants, Signia claims this can help increase the speech clarity of your speaking partner.

In my experience, I found the Streamline Mic lacks sufficient volume and picks up significant background noise, which is why I primarily use it as a Bluetooth streamer.


Bluetooth Streamer


During testing, the connection of the Streamline Mic was intermittent at times. Some days it would be very stable, whilst other times there was significant interference. I found the connection of Widex’s COMDEX device, which used a neckloop, was much more stable. However, it lacked the versatility of the Streamline Mic, without the ability to charge on the go, no volume controls and the need to be hung around your neck all the time.

When streaming music, you can also use it for volume controls. Although you are able to pause music with the device, you will unfortunately have to take out your phone again to start the music again. This is because it reverts to functioning as a remote control once the media has stopped. 


Battery Life 


Signia claims the Streamline Mic lasts up to 6 hours on a 2 hour charge. This was sufficient for most days, but on longer days I found myself having to plug it in towards the afternoon.

This being said, if you are taking many Zoom calls at your desk, I really liked that you could continue using it whilst on charge.


Summary – 


If you are looking to stream phone calls or listen to music from your Android phone or laptop I would highly recommend picking up the Streamline Mic. In my opinion, the convenience of being able to stream anything you want directly to your ears is worth the extra cost.

For any older Signia hearing aids, you may have to pick up an easyTek streamer.


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  1. Having read your review of the Streamline Mic, I assume the 1.1 model, I don’t know that I agree with your rosy review.
    I’ve used a Streamline Mic 1.0 for three years. It has been garbled at times, losses connection with one hearing aid or the other during calls and Bluetooth connection and people complain there is too much background noise when I call them. Over all I have not been satisfied with the technology having had an ICom from Phonack for many years previously that work flawlessly.
    My Dad purchased a Streamline Mic 1.1 in July of 2020 and after subsequently passing away in October I took his Streamline Mic 1.1 to use with my Android phone. It is much clearer and people don;t complain as much about the background noise, so it has improved. However, the newer Streamline Mic continually turns my Bluetooth volume down gradually over time until it is virtually off. When I answer my phone with the Steamline Mic I have to immediately reach for the volume control to turn it back up. I replaced the phone first and experienced the same issue. I went back to the hearing center where the Streamline Mic was purchased and they replaced it for me since it was still under warranty. I’m still experiencing the same issue. If this company cannot resolve these issues I don’t believe I can continue to purchase its products, and I would not recommend it to anyone I talk with.

    1. Larry – Thank you for posting your opinion of the product. Based on your review I will wait an ‘improved’ model to hit the market.

    2. I agree Larry. I have had the icom with phonak, a much clearer sound and less connection issues. I am currently trying to get my streamline mic to stay connected to my left hearing aid. I’m young have had hearing aids most of my life, I understand technology and this misses the mark.

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