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WIDEX introduces WIDEX MOMENT Hearing Aids

Widex today introduced WIDEX MOMENT™, the “first generation of hearing aids that sound completely natural”. This nature sound quality is said to have been achieved through Widex’ patented ZeroDelay Technology™. The devices were released for sale in summer of 2020.
First time hearing aid users often describe the sound as ‘tinny’ and ‘artificial’. This happens when sound processed in the hearing aid reaches the eardrum a split second later than the natural sound that travels directly through or around the hearing aid’s ear-tip.

Widex is first in the industry to “eliminate that ‘out of synch’ sound for patients with mild and moderate hearing loss, advancing further the trademark Widex natural sound – which already has the lowest delay time compared to competitors.”

The WIDEX MOMENT™ chip platform achieves this with two distinct signal pathways, both built on the natural sound of Widex signal processing, but significantly different in processing speed and sound design.

The ‘classic’ Widex signal pathway is paired with a second ultra-fast signal pathway that adds extra gearing to the platform. This Widex ZeroDelay™ Accelerator reduces the processing delay between microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds enabling the two sound signals to meet at virtually the same time in the eardrum. 
This ZeroDelay Technology™ eliminates the artificial sound quality and instead creates a more natural sound experience. This new sound experience is called Widex PureSound™.

“PureSound is a revolutionary innovation in hearing aid sound,” says Lise Henningsen, Head Audiologist at Widex.

“PureSound delivers a sound so natural that it will remind users of how they used to hear and make hearing with a hearing aid far more enjoyable. This is a huge leap for the industry, and we’re confident that fitting people with WIDEX MOMENT™ will result in more satisfied customers,” she adds.

Because WIDEX MOMENT™ has two signal pathways, it keeps all the classic Widex universal program features such as Fluid Sound Analyzer and Controller, corresponding noise reduction, wind noise reduction, variable speed compression, fine tuning compression and gain calculations, and Feedback Dynamic Cancellation Optimizer.

“The combination of fast and ultra-fast processing means the WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aid family addresses all hearing losses from mild to severe,” adds Lise Henningsen. 


The Smallest Lithium-Ion Rechargeable RIC Using Artificial Intelligence


WIDEX MOMENT™ is available in six different styles, including the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal device on the market.

“Users are calling for rechargeability and streaming options, but they also want discreet devices that offer up the best and latest technology. With the mRIC we’re delivering on all these vital parameters, and we’re enabling users to personalize their sound in the moment with advanced SoundSense Learn technology.”
–Wibke Madsen, VP  – Brand Director Widex
SoundSense Learn is the AI algorithm that guides users to personalize their hearing and create hearing programs with their smartphones precisely, something no humans can replicate to the same degree of accuracy.

The SoundSense Learn smartphone app was introduced in the WIDEX EVOKE™ hearing aids in 2018 and uses AI powered by machine learning to guide the users in optimizing the settings to their exact needs. The app gathers a variety of anonymous data such as how often they turn the volume up or down, which sound presets they use and how many custom settings they create – including those made with SoundSense Learn.

Any settings users create via the app can be shared directly and securely with their hearing care professional back in the clinic through the Real-Life Insights feature Sharing these data helps the professional tailor their consultation more and improve their service.

Source: Widex

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